Medusa House

Medusa House is only 35 metres south of Didim Apollon Temple. This building is a 150-year-old Greek House. In 1988, the building and gardens were restored by Mustafa Sentürk, preserving its unique historical architecture. In this historical atmosphere, you can enjoy reading your book under the green trees in the Medusa House garden, sun bathe on the terrace and listen to classical music while you are having your drink. For lovers of ancient history, the following sites are but a short car journey away: Miletos, Priene, Ephesus, Halikarnasos (Bodrum), Lake Bafa (Heraklion), Aphrodisias, Myus, Alinda, Nysa, Iasos, Magnesia, Kusadasi and its surroundings and Pamukkale. And only 65 km from Didim can be found one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World, Ephesus.
For lovers of nature walks, Menderes Delta, Dalyans, Karina, Lake Bafa and its surroundings are all highly recommended. If you like swimming, fishing, eating fish or underwater sports, the golden sands of Didim, sun, blue sea, peerless bays and the dream-like coastline are waiting for you. The private yacht of Medusa House, and its captain Mustafa Sentürk, will be proud to serve you with excellent hospitality. You are sure to have a memorable time.
If you wish to have a pleasant holiday, without hesitation you should visit Medusa House, which is situated next to Didim Apollon Temple. This temple is the historical centre of soothsaying, with a magnificent mystic view and situated close to the ancient Philosophers’ home city of Miletos.
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